Sarnia City Hall. September 2018 Photo by Melanie IrwinSarnia City Hall. September 2018 Photo by Melanie Irwin

Where have all the signs gone?

Sarnia bylaw officers have removed over 100 municipal election signs found to be violating city regulations.

Community Development Services and Standards Director Alan Shaw said staff have done three sweeps of the city so far and 115 signs have been collected.

"Candidates are not to place election signs on public property, this would be boulevards, parks and other such public facilities," said Shaw. "In addition, if they're placing signs on private land, they're advised as to the number and size of signs that can be placed."

Shaw said they can't be put on trees, fences, street lights or utility poles and the maximum number permitted on each private property is three.

"As is the case with all signs, whether they're election signs, advertising signs or real estate signs, any signs placed on public land, boulevards, intersections, parkways or arenas, are removed without warning and available for pickup at a later date by the individuals that own the signs," said Shaw.

He says candidates are only called the first time a sign is removed.

For more information on the election sign bylaw, click here.

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