Shell Canada Sarnia Manufacturing Centre transport. File photo by BlackburnNews Sarnia.Shell Canada Sarnia Manufacturing Centre transport. File photo by BlackburnNews Sarnia.

Shell Canada's Sarnia Manufacturing Centre for sale

Shell Canada is seeking potential buyers to sell its Sarnia Manufacturing Centre.

In a news release to Blackburn News Sarnia, the company said it is assessing market interest.

Along with the refinery and chemical facilities, the Sarnia and Hamilton distribution terminals are included in the proposal.

“This is a value-driven process rather than time-driven where the guiding principle will be getting the most value for the business and for Shell,” said Sarnia Manufacturing General Manager Guy Hackwell in the news release. “Shell has worked closely with our neighbours in Sarnia and Corunna and have solid relationships with the community. This wasn’t an easy decision, but I’m proud of the business we’ve built in Sarnia and I expect potential buyers will also see the value we’ve created.”

The company says the process is expected to take several months as buyers indicate their interest and the proposals are reviewed.

Shell said if there are no qualified buyers, they'll continue to operate the sites and there are no plans for closure.

The company has declined to comment further at this time, but spokesperson Bryant Bird told Blackburn News Sarnia that company officials would be made available for interviews later this week.

The Sarnia Manufacturing Centre, also referred to as Shell's Corunna Refinery, has 350 full-time employees.

75,000 barrels of crude oil is processed at the St. Clair Parkway site each day.

Originally built in 1952 by Canadian Oil Companies Limited, the refinery became part of Shell's operations in 1963 when Shell purchased Canadian Oil.

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