Artist renderings of the East Lambton Community Complex in Watford.  (Photo provided by Warwick Township)Artist renderings of the East Lambton Community Complex in Watford. (Photo provided by Warwick Township)

Planned community complex helping Warwick grow, says parks and rec manager

A planned community complex in Warwick is going to take the township to the next level, according to the community's parks and rec manager.

Theresa Klachan said the East Lambton Community Complex in Watford will feature a YMCA, a full-sized gym, meeting areas, hoteling spaces, a full commercial kitchen, free Wi-Fi and other amenities.

Klachan said substantial completion of the site is estimated for October, and the expansion portion of the project is expected to be complete by June 2022.

"We actually did a feasibility study to find out for our capital campaign what the support was, and it's at 100 per cent. People are very excited. And it's great because you can actually see the progress and see the footprint when you're in the park doing other things."

Klachan said the project, estimated to cost $11.5-million, is being supported by area builders because it's attracting people to the community.

She added that the village of Warwick is on a growth spurt.

"We just had a new subdivision go in and there's another one coming and there's possibly another one being planned. We're in such a great location because we're really only a half-an-hour west of London and like 20 minutes east of Sarnia. So, it's a great place to live-work-play, but also if you're commuting to work, it's an awesome place."

Klachan said the complex will replace the aging Centennial Hall, which was built about 55 years ago, and that the community is very excited to be expanding the current arena footprint.

"[Centennial Hall has] lived a good life and a lot of great memories there, but it's now at its time where it needs to be replaced."

Klachan said the hall will stay operational until the expansion is completed. It will then be demolished to make way for a parking lot.

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