An exhibit on natural gas storage at the Oil Museum of Canada. Submitted photo.An exhibit on natural gas storage at the Oil Museum of Canada. Submitted photo.

Lambton's natural gas storage to be highlighted in virtual talk

The Oil Museum of Canada is hosting a virtual talk on Lambton County's underground natural gas storage on November 3.

Educational Program Coordinator Christina Sydorko said professional engineer Jug Manocha will discuss the hydrocarbon storage, found in geological formations, that is often forgotten because it's hidden from view.

"Lambton County is pretty unique, in that we've been storing natural gas in depleted gas wells since the 1950s," said Sydorko. "This is an industry that started in this area and continues to impact this area."

The reservoirs, which provide over 50 per cent of Ontario's peak natural gas supply, are located in salt mined caverns.

"A lot of them are in rural areas, but we do have them underneath the plants. So, hydrocarbons are stored in the formation underneath the plants."

Sydorko said the hydrocarbons are used to make rubber, plastics and propane.

She expects Thursday's talk to be fun and informative.

"Jug Manocha is a friend of the museum. He works for the Ministry of Natural Resources and is affiliated with the Oil, Gas, and Salt Resources Library, with whom we have a very positive relationship talking about the geology of southern Ontario. We met him through some of those organizations."

While the virtual talk is free, Sydorko said preregistration for the discussion at 7 p.m. is required.

"[Manocha] is full of wonderful information and he knows exactly where the pools are and what they're utilized for. But, we really want the public to be able to be aware that there's this amazing industry, based on the unique geology of Lambton."

To learn more about the event, or to register, click here.

Participants are asked to pre-register by November 2.

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