A room at Gianna Home in Sarnia set up for a new mother. Image courtesy of GiannaHome.caA room at Gianna Home in Sarnia set up for a new mother. Image courtesy of GiannaHome.ca

Maternity home helping young women in Sarnia

A new maternity home has opened in Sarnia to help young women who lack support.

Gianna Home is named after Gianna Beretta Molla, an Italian pediatrician who followed the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

According to Wikipedia, Molla died in 1962, at the age of 39, of septic peritonitis one week after the birth of her fourth child. She had refused to terminate the pregnancy and get a hysterectomy after a tumour was found in her uterus.

Chairperson John Lammers said it took one year to prepare for the home's opening.

"It's for women that are expecting, that don't have very much support in the community and they're needing housing," said Lammers. "We also provide mentorship, we have 24/7 coverage, and will teach life skills too, because some of the women didn't have the opportunity."

Lammers said women can stay at Gianna Home for up to a year.

"By then, we hope to set them up in the community and get some connections for them to carry on and be active in society."

Lammers said Gianna Home can comfortably accommodate five women, and is currently at capacity.

He said they received advice from a similar home in Windsor to get the Sarnia home started.

The group is hosting a sold out fundraising gala to support the home on November 24.

More details on Gianna Home can be found here.

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