Lakeshore Road at Egremont Road in Camlachie (Photo via Google Maps)Lakeshore Road at Egremont Road in Camlachie (Photo via Google Maps)

Concerns voiced about Camlachie intersection: Egremont at Lakeshore

Safety concerns surrounding a Camlachie intersection will go to Lambton County for further discussion after a letter was issued to Plympton-Wyoming's mayor and council.

The letter, which spoke about the "dangerous intersection" of Egremont Road and Lakeshore Road, was briefly discussed during this week's council meeting. 

Concerned residents Anne and Mike Stewardson said, despite reduced speed limits in the area, the intersection remains unsafe while traffic continues to increase as the community grows.

The public letter suggested the possible installation of a roundabout to improve traffic flow and community safety.  

"It's not the first time that we've had concerns from our residents about that intersection," said Mayor Gary Atkinson. "I'm sure probably all of us have had near misses there as well."

Councillor Alex Boughen said he regularly drives through the intersection and said the safety concerns are largely speed-related.

"You do notice a difference in terms of safety, if a cop does radar at Kingston's Cove, it's a safer intersection for about a month or two and then people start picking it up again," Boughen said. 

The intersection is managed by the County of Lambton. As such, Plympton-Wyoming approved a motion to bring the matter up to the county level. 

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