Point Edward Fire Hall. Blackburnnews.com file photo)Point Edward Fire Hall. Blackburnnews.com file photo)

New fire truck for the Point

Point Edward Fire and Rescue is getting a brand new emergency rescue truck to replace the old one that was first put into service about 20 years ago.

Village council approved spending $659,000 on the E-One 1200 degrees Darch Fire truck, and will also buy battery powered extrication equipment for $42,000.

Mayor Bev Hand said they traded in the old truck for about $46,000.

"We made the decision to purchase the truck in 2015 based on engineering standards and our equipment standards on the lifespan of the original rescue truck," said Hand. "So, we have been putting money away over the last few years into a reserve fund, and we have all of the money put away."

Hand said the other two trucks that they got quotes on used hydraulically powered equipment which is becoming obsolete and unserviceable due to a lack of parts.

The new fire truck should be in service in the next 10 to 12 months.

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