Count Your K's in May. Photo courtesy of Noelle's Gift Facebook page. Count Your K's in May. Photo courtesy of Noelle's Gift Facebook page.

Noelle's Gift counting on local residents to count their K's

Local residents are encouraged to get up and get moving this month.

Noelle's Gift is holding 'Count Your K's in May' once again.

Spokesperson Cathy Wilde from Fleck Law said participants can count their K's by any type of activity including walking, biking and jogging.

"And the great thing about this event is you can do it when it works for you," said Wilde. "We used to do Noelle's Gift of Fitness, the one day gym event but we've moved to this, partly because of COVID, but it was a great success last year. You can go out evenings, mornings, weekends, whatever works with your schedule to count your k's."

Fleck Law and the Carpenter's Union 1256 have agreed to match the first $20,000 raised. The inaugural event in 2021 raised $60,000 for the youth charity.

Participants are also encouraged to share their photos on the Noelle's Gift Facebook page.

"And we're actually giving out prizes every week to people who have liked or shared this event, liked or shared pictures that they've taken of themselves counting their k's," said Wilde. "So, there will be lots of individual prizes going out throughout the month of May for that as well."

Noelle's Gift, established in 2013, supports youth programs across Lambton-Kent and help purchase supplies including food, medication, clothing and eyeglasses.

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