Mike Bradley on election night Monday, October 24, 2022. Blackburn Media Photo by Melanie Irwin. Mike Bradley on election night Monday, October 24, 2022. Blackburn Media Photo by Melanie Irwin.

Mike Bradley re-elected Sarnia mayor for 11th time

Mike Bradley has been elected to his 11th term as mayor of Sarnia.

The incumbent, first elected in 1988, defeated challenger and one-term councillor Nathan Colquhoun by nearly 4,000 votes.

Bradley said he's dedicated to the future of the community.

"My whole life is about working everyday to find a better way to move the city forward, and I think that was an endorsement tonight," said Bradley.

He thanked his campaign team for helping him deliver a clear message this election.

(Mike Bradley on election night Monday, October 24, 2022 with his election team. Blackburn Media Photo by Melanie Irwin.)

"I'm tried, I'm tested, I'm true and I'm on your side. It's a very simple message. I can't redefine myself in an election, because I've been around so long, and I don't apologize for that. The fact is, every four years [the voters] get to decide who they want to lead them and they've made that judgement once more and I thank them for that."

Bradley welcomes new members of council.

"I will work with every member to see how we can move the city forward. My only message over, and over again, is check your egos and think about everyday how to make the city better and not about all of those supplementary political issues. Just dedicate your life on council for where we're going to be in five or ten years. That's all I ask from council."

There will be three new faces on Sarnia City Council.

Bill Dennis (9669), Chrissy McRoberts (9526), Brian White (9385) and Dave Boushy (7863) were elected to the four city/county seats.

Incumbent councillors Mike Stark (7679) and Margaret Bird (6551) were defeated.

Adam Kilner (7125), incumbents George Vandenberg (5999) and Terry Burrell (5742) and former councillor Anne Marie Gillis (4957) were elected to the four city council positions.

Jennifer McCann and Linda Ward were elected as trustees for the St. Clair Catholic District School Board.

For the Lambton Kent District School Board David Shortt, Jack Fletcher and Malinda Little have been elected.

The new term starts on November 15.

The full list of unofficial results are available on the city's website. 

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