Brooke Central Public School in Alvinston (Google Maps Photo)Brooke Central Public School in Alvinston (Google Maps Photo)

Ceiling demo underway at Brooke Central

The Lambton Kent District School Board still hopes to have primary students return to Brooke Central Public School before the end of this school year.

Structural concerns were raised about the Alvinston school's roof in November, which led to the relocation of some students to other schools.

Associate Director and Treasurer Brian McKay said Wellington Builders, of Forest, was hired to oversee the required roof structure upgrades.

"We spent a lot of time scoping out so we could understand what we needed to order, as far as sealants and materials to do the work," said McKay. "We're right now just starting the demolition phase, where the ceiling in all areas of the school is being demolished. So, inside, that means that all the drop ceiling, the ceiling tiles, etcetera, that's pulled down."

The sections of the school built in 1960 and 1967 have been vacated and a section built in 2007, where the daycare and gymnasium are, is closed.

McKay said the contractor is monitoring snow load, preparing the building for site reviews and completing demolition work.

"We do need to make some changes to some of our major mechanical systems, such as the HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] that would be in the way of the work, as well as putting a sprinkler into the school."

He said while the timeline to complete that work is unknown, students in the older grades still using the school, will be able to stay in the building while it's completed.

"Yes, they'll be able to stay in the building addition as the work continues in the older section."

McKay is certain all students will be able to return to the site in September.

"It will definitely be done in time for the next school year. We're still pushing to be able to have students back in the school for this current school year and working with the architects and the contractor, under the timelines, with still that hope and desire... to have students back in the school this year."

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