University of Fraser Valley students. January 14, 2016. (Photo by UFV)University of Fraser Valley students. January 14, 2016. (Photo by UFV)

Lambton College strengthening programs for international students

Lambton College wants to ensure past, present and future international students are able to succeed.

The Sarnia school is one of several Ontario colleges implementing a set of new standards to strengthen the programs and supports for international students.

Senior VP of Academic and Student Success Mary Vaughan said this is an area that Lambton already excels in, but they can always do more.

"So these new standards ensure consistency amongst Ontario colleges and help ensure that international students can succeed in their programs to the best capabilities that they are able to do."

Lambton College has 3,800 students enrolled at the Sarnia campus- including both Domestic and International.

"They can be studying both in Sarnia, they could be on co-op -- so they're not actually on campus, they're out in industry, which could be across the province. It doesn't have to be primarily in Sarnia, however a lot of our students want to work in our Sarnia area with industry."

Vaughan said one of the commitments of the new standard ensures the accurate and transparent marketing of programs. She said it will outline what international students will experience when they come to Canada.

"The cost of living, the cost of groceries, transportation, lifestyle, all of these things are part of the marketing for our international students, not only for the programs but for the life that they'll have here in Sarnia."

Out of the 24 publicly-funded colleges in Ontario, 23 have signed on to the new standard. Seneca College, the only school that did not, is planning to unveil a similar set of standards for both its domestic and international students.

Vaughan said international students are providing a vibrant and rich environment in the Sarnia-Lambton area.

"In terms of cultural diversity and experiences and work. We have a significant work shortage here in the province of Ontario, and Sarnia is one of the best places to study, to learn and to experience that Canadian experience."

A media release from the college said the standards build on existing programs and services and cover everything from the marketing of programs in other countries to targeted assistance to help students adapt to life in Ontario.


- With files from Josh Boyce

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