Canatara Park, May 15, 2015 ( Photo by Briana Carnegie)Canatara Park, May 15, 2015 ( Photo by Briana Carnegie)

Master plan being developed for Sarnia's largest park

An official master plan is being developed for Sarnia's largest and most well-known park. The City of Sarnia wants your input on the future of Canatara Park. Parks and Recreation Manager Krissy Glavin said Canatara Park is a large space that's used by a wide variety of people for a number of purposes.

"It's one of the centerpieces in terms of parks in our community," said Glavin. "We're just looking to take the opportunity to do this master plan, do some consulting with the community, get people's feedback about what they want to see in the park. This will also help guide future investments, capital planning, and how we can address multiple users."

Glavin said last year a similar master plan was developed for Germain Park.

"It's a very similar process to that, another main sort of central park," said Glavin. "There are a few more amenities and it's a bit more of an active space in Germain but kind of the same idea. We're looking at the entire park and trying to build a plan for its future once this work is done."

Glavin said traffic calming measures are also something that could be explored, depending on feedback.

"They're looking at all facets of the park," she said. "They're doing lots of consultation with a variety of our staffing groups within the city. Engineering and different road projects that have happened in there, that will be taken into consideration as well."

The 174 acre Canatara Park was originally established in the 1930s and located on the shore of Lake Huron in the north end of the city.

There's a chance to have one-on-one conversations with the project team on April 3, 2024, and other design workshops are planned.

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