Road closure sign for Indian Road at Cathcart Boulevard. May 29, 2023. (Blackburn News file photo)Road closure sign for Indian Road at Cathcart Boulevard. May 29, 2023. (Blackburn News file photo)

Mini-roundabout installation closes Sarnia intersection

An intersection in Sarnia's north end will be closed during the summer months so construction crews can install a mini-roundabout at Indian Road and Cathcart Boulevard.

City of Sarnia Manager of Development and Transportation Alister Brown said the intersection is scheduled to close on Monday, June 5, and construction is expected to be completed by Labour Day.

He said the mini-roundabout will look similar to the existing roundabout at Mandaumin Road and Lakeshore Road but on a smaller scale. However, Brown said larger types of vehicles will still be able to pass through.

"There still is a rollover apron in the middle and an extra turning radius on the external radius of the roundabout for them to make their way through," he said. "The passage is mainly designed for a vehicle like a garbage truck, school bus, or city bus. But if those larger vehicles do come to the intersection, they will be able to pass."

Brown said traffic control signs were posted to advise residents of the upcoming closure. Once work begins, motorists will be asked to avoid the area as the intersection will be closed to through traffic.

The project is one of the phases included in a multi-year plan, which included work done last year at Errol Road and Indian Road and the upcoming work at Cathcart Boulevard and Murphy Road.

Brown said the work at Cathcart Boulevard and Murphy Road will begin in July and will be similar to what was done at the intersection of Errol Road and Indian Road with curb bump-outs, traffic signals, and enhanced pedestrian crossings.

"We had always looked at those intersections as kind of a trio and had incorporated plans to do them in succession," he said. "We just had the opportunity to get these two done in the same construction season so we've taken that route."

As for the timing, Brown said the current school season was a factor in when the two intersections would be closed.

"In speaking with the school transportation services, we had to wait to close the intersection of Murphy and Cathcart until school is out," Brown said. "However, the bus traffic was possible to be rerouted at Indian and Cathcart so we were able to get a jump on that one, and get it started a little earlier to ensure that they would both be completed prior to school resuming in the fall."

Brown said the overall goal was to improve safety for all users at the three aforementioned intersections.

The approximate contract value for the work at both intersections is $2.11 million. Brown said other localized improvements are included in the cost and are listed below:

- Streetlight and pole replacements at Indian Road and Cathcart Boulevard

- Finishing the bicycle lanes on Indian Road through to Lakeshore Road

- Line painting on Cathcart Boulevard between Murphy Road and Indian Road

- Repaving Murphy Road between Cathcart Boulevard and Lakeshore Road

- Tree planting and landscaping

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