Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley. Blackburn Media file photo.Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley. Blackburn Media file photo.

Sarnia mayor appointed to energy advisory council

Sarnia's mayor has been named to a panel of leaders whose expertise and insights will assist ongoing work to reduce emissions and create affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy in Canada.

Mike Bradley has been named to the Energy for a Secure Future advisory council.

"This group is focused on LNG [liquefied natural gas], on natural gas, and having a clear strategy to get to net zero emissions, in which all the industries have the same goal, as does the government," said Bradley. "The big challenge is how do we get there, and how do we do it in a way that we can move Canadians forward with employment, and at the same time protect the jobs we have, and also respect that we need to get to that goal by 2050."

Bradley said he was pleased to be asked to join the panel.

"I think part of it comes out of the long term advocacy on Line 5 [Enbridge] for the industry and bringing together different organizations, groups and political parties to support Line 5," he said. "I think it's an important forum for Sarnia-Lambton to be at the table and to work with different people that have a positive outlook on dealing with climate change."

The national advocacy group is non-partisan.

"We've got a really interesting makeup of different individuals and our responsibility is to deal with the greater issues as it relates to energy policy," said Bradley. "We don't intend to meet in person, we will be meeting online in the months ahead and we will be talking about energy strategies and how we can build a better Canada."

Bradley plans to highlight local accomplishments.

"With industry, business, and labour, the Research Park, Lambton College, BIC [Bioindustrial Innovation Canada]. There's a lot going on here and it was noted in their announcement that we are a hydrogen hub, we are very focused on natural gas too along with petrochemicals. So, it's a great chance to tell the country our story. Which is a very positive story," Bradley said.

Bradley said he received clearance from the Integrity Commissioner to serve on the unpaid council.

St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador Mayor Danny Breen will also serve on the panel. Breen represents Canada's Eastern energy hub, with offshore oil production being a critical local economic driver.

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