Photo courtesy of Imperial. Photo courtesy of Imperial.

Imperial to start stack demolition work in Sarnia

Imperial will be starting demolition work on a 300-foot concrete stack in a non-operational area of the Sarnia complex.

This will be near the north fenceline.

The stack, which was created in the 1970's has been non-operational since 2010.

According to the Aamjiwnaang Notification System, Imperial will be using a top down approach.

This means that the internal materials will be removed first.

This is expected to take several weeks.

Next, special machinery will then dismantle the structure beginning at the top then working downwards.

Imperial said there will be some noise with the project but it will work on monitoring noise levels.

A notice said the public will notice the installation of four sets of steel climbers from top to bottom and a circular working platform around the stack.

A crane will also be positioned around the stack.

The project is expected to take several months to complete and work will be done on a Monday to Thursday daytime schedule.

The notice added that all materials will be properly disposed of at a facility that specializes in industrial waste.Photo courtesy of Imperial. Photo courtesy of Imperial.

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