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Huron County makes housing development faster and more accessible

The County of Huron has launched a software that makes planning applications more accessible for all involved.

Cloudpermit will now allow applications to be submitted online.

"With a planned subdivision or a severance, there's initial inquiry, an application, a circulation for comments," said Craig Metzger, senior planner with the planning and zoning department. "There's a decision on the application, and in most cases the conditions to that approval. Those conditions have to be met, get cleared, and then they get their building permit to start the development. Cloudpermit covers all of that process, right up to the building permit."

Some applications that can be submitted through the program include consents/severances, minor variances, official plan amendments, subdivisions/condominiums, and zoning by-law amendments.

"The biggest benefit with Cloudpermis is it streamlines the process and centralizes information so applications can be processed quicker and the information reviewed is complete and up to date because there's that one single point where all the information is kept," said Metzger.

Metzger said the system is very easy to navigate, as it walks you through step by step.

It was implemented in the county to try and speed up the planning approval housing, therefore also speeding up housing development.

"The other big benefit with all nine municipalities and the county using the same system is if you're a developer in Morris-Turnberry and you're working in North Huron, it's the same system, you only need one login, and the process and screen will look the same," he said.

In addition, Metzger said it can also generate a QR code, that allows the public to subscribe and receive email notifications for an application they're interested in.

"For example, if they want to know what the decision was, did it get approved or not, they can sign up to that QR code and it will then automatically let them know what that decision was," he said.

More information on the program can be found here.

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