Red barn surrounded by flood water. © Can Stock Photo / HannamariahRed barn surrounded by flood water. © Can Stock Photo / Hannamariah

LFA sending $2,000 to B.C. farmers hit by floods

The Lambton Federation of Agriculture (LFA) is lending a helping hand to some B.C. farmhands impacted by massive floods.

The organization is sending $2,000 to the B.C. Agriculture Council (BCAC) to help farmers in the province.

LFA President Gary Martin said the BCAC seemed to be the organization that matched their modus operandi for helping all farmers.

"One of [our] directors has some family out in B.C., and we noticed the devastation with the farms that are on the flood plain out there, and [they] just asked if the board would want to send out some aid to it."

Martin said there's a lot of farming activity in the areas that were hit in Fraser Valley.

"A lot of animal production and hay and all that. It's fascinating to look at the maps to see the lay of the land there -- it's really flat and with the dike breaching, the water's flowing in from the Fraser River."

Martin said the LFA has helped other farmers across the country in the past, dealing with things like droughts and food shortages. He added that some local famers donated some hay and organized a couple trucks to go up to the Thunder Bay area when the region was experiencing a drought.

To contribute to the B.C. Agriculture Council's fund supporting farmers, click here.

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