Blue Water Bridge Sarnia News Today photo by Sue Storr. Blue Water Bridge Sarnia News Today photo by Sue Storr.

Toll changes for US bound travelers at Blue Water Bridge

Crossing the border into Port Huron will cost more for those paying with U.S. currency.

Just after the Michigan Department of Transportation reported a drop in tolls for Canada bound vehicles at the Blue Water Bridge, the Federal Bridge Corporation (FBCL) has announced a toll hike.

The Canadian toll will remain at $5 for passenger vehicles and extra axles, and commercial per axle rates are also staying at $5 (CAD) per trip. However, the U.S. rate is increasing by $0.25 per trip to $4 (USD).

The Ottawa based corporation said the primary factor affecting the new U.S. dollar rates is an adjustment for the variance between the two currencies.

Rates at the Blue Water Bridge are reviewed semi-annually based on traffic levels, economic forecasts and funding needs for long-term capital requirements.

The FBCL last adjusted the Canadian toll rates in April. 

Non-essential travel restrictions remain in effect for Canadians entering the U.S.

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