Pathways Health Centre for Children, located on Murphy Rd. September 3, 2015 ( File Photo by Briana Carnegie)Pathways Health Centre for Children, located on Murphy Rd. September 3, 2015 ( File Photo by Briana Carnegie)

Pathways Health Centre receives exemplary standing from Accreditation Canada

Pathways Health Centre for Children has been accredited with exemplary standing from Accreditation Canada.

This means Pathways has shown excellence in safety and its quality of services.

This is the second time the organization has gone through an accreditation process and each time received exemplary standing.

Pathways CEO Alison Morrison said this time was even more impressive than the last cycle.

"On this most recent accreditation survey that was in November, (Pathways) accomplished 100 per cent of compliance on the 473 applicable criteria," she said.

According to Morrison, to receive this external standing surveyors come into the organization and evaluate the practices based on a number of standards, which happens every four years.

Surveyors came to the Murphy Road Children's Treatment Centre site and spoke with clients, families, staff, board members and community partners.

Some of what Accreditation Canada looks into is governance, infection prevention and control, medication management and leadership.

Morrison said this is not something that they focus on once every four years but all of the time.

"We regularly review our practices and research what are some new and developing best standards for us to live into," she said.

Morrison also said having a business go through with an accreditation is beneficial for the community.

"Having organizations that choose to undergo accreditation gives confidence I believe to the community that we are delivering on mission in a safe and high quality way," she said.

She also said the organization is proud to receive 100 per cent.

"Pathways takes very seriously our responsibility to serve this community and serve it well ensuring that we are following internationally recognized standards. We're always looking for our next best to ensure that we're helping children and youth with communication and developmental needs the best we possibly can," Morrison explained.

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