Paczkis at Global Donuts - Feb 25/2020 (Photo courtesy of Global Donuts) Paczkis at Global Donuts - Feb 25/2020 (Photo courtesy of Global Donuts)

Global Donuts sharing the love with paczki Tuesday

Its a Shrove Tuesday staple at Global Donuts and Deli.  

Paczki Tuesday, also known as the first day of Lent along with other names and Valentine's Day are side by side this year, so staff are busy making sweet treats at the London Line restaurant.

Owner Gus Pantazis said on Valentine's Day they will have extra treats.

"We're going to have both paczki and Valentine's day donuts. As busy as we get and as we will be (we) can't stop being romantic, you have to still spread the love," he said.

On Shrove Tuesday, Pantazis said that they will make around 1,500 dozen paczki.

He said a lot of supplies go into making them.

"We figure we'll go through about 60 bags of 50 pound flours, and sugar, I'd say about 10 bags of sugar and a lot of eggs, and a lot of high raiser shortening and all of the good stuff that makes it nice and rich tasting," said Pantazis. 

He added there's a lot of manpower that goes into preparing for Paczki Tuesday, and they usually sell out.

"One guy just keeps cutting, another keeps frying and the other guy keeps filling so, that keeps going on for 36 hours," he explained.

Employees who make the paczkis work 12 hour shifts to prepare the sweet treat that customers look forward to every year.

"It's been phenomenal. I'm here now a little bit earlier to start already baking because we're running short," Pantazis said.

There will be a variety of seven flavours- apple, prune, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, lemon and custard.

Pantazis said for the second year prune jam was hard to come by.

"I had to travel about five hours there and back to get (the jam) but I was able to find some because it wasn't available in Canada," he said.

Global Donuts and Deli will be open on Tuesday from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.     

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