A woman playing pickleball. January 24, 2017. (Photo by Ron B from flickr)A woman playing pickleball. January 24, 2017. (Photo by Ron B from flickr)

Sarnia serves up new online pickleball portal

The City of Sarnia has seen an upward drive in pickleball interest.

To keep up with demand, the recreation department has added more sessions at the Strangway Centre.

Recreation Superintendent Randy Shaw said there are three more sessions for the spring and summer and booking is now available online.

"They're available Mondays at Germain Park, Wednesdays at Cathcart and Thursdays at Blackwell," said Shaw. "They're just in addition to the other programming that we have here in the city."

Shaw believes the sessions will fill up quickly.

He said with new interest and new groups, the city is ensuring court times remain available for the public.

"During our open pickleball court times Sunday through Saturday we've allocated 12 per cent for city programming, 10 per cent for association use and 78 per cent available for public booking," he said.

Shaw explained once the project is done they will modify the program if they need to.

"We'll be monitoring use and working with the associations and the public to better facilitate our needs," he said.

Additionally, the city will be undertaking improvements at Cathcart and Kenwick parks.

In a report, staff will be looking into capital investment plans for potential new pickleball courts within Germain Park.

Registration for the extra sessions and booking for outdoor fields, diamonds and sport courts opened Monday.

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