Frost covered crop - Photo by Kat 72 - iStock / Getty Images PlusFrost covered crop - Photo by Kat 72 - iStock / Getty Images Plus

Living Snow Fence program aims to save money, resources

The County of Lambton is looking to partner with local landowners to strengthen the living snow fence program, which has been in place since 2011.

They're searching for residents who own land along a county road, typically on the north and/or west side, because of the prevailing winds.

They're asked to leave a minimum of 12 rows of standing corn, 12 to 24 rows from the edge of the field adjacent to the county road during the winter, to act as a snow storage area.

Usually, the county has four to five landowners take part each year.

Public Works Manager Matt Deline said it's a simple, proven, and cost-effective method of reducing the effects of drifting snow on county roads.

"With reducing that wind-blown snow, it reduces the need for plowing and salting which has its financial and environmental benefits," said Deline. "We typically look for any open areas that are prone to wind blown snow, that are adjacent to county roads. They're all candidates for such a program. Some of the locations near the lake and other spots we do look for. If there are any property owners in those areas, we'd like you to call us."

Deline said the landowner will be compensated by the county for the crop left standing and can harvest the remainder after the winter has ended.

The County of Lambton will compensate 1.5 times the market price on December 1 of the year.

Landowners must provide the average yield per bushel for the harvested portion of the field.

Deline said the county will measure the area left and provide calculated compensation for the agreed upon area in April of the following year.

You can learn more, or register, by contacting the Public Works Department at or call 519-845-0801.

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