Lambton Lions women's basketball team. March 2020. (Photo by Lambton College)Lambton Lions women's basketball team. March 2020. (Photo by Lambton College)

Lady Lions set to tip-off at OCAA championships

The Lambton Lions women's basketball team is gearing up for this weekend's provincial championships in Windsor.

The Lions became one of eight teams to qualify for the tournament following a sudden-death playoff win over Centennial College Saturday afternoon, defeating the Colts 96 to 67.

Head Coach Kendel Ross said it was the first time in program history the school was able to host a home playoff game.

"That was a really exciting moment for us, but as a head coach you always wonder, you know, there's a lot of hype around that, are they going to be able to keep their composure, and they did," she said. "It was all about composure and standing our ground, and that's going to be so important going into this weekend. I think it's really exciting for us that for the first time in program history, with a packed-gym, our team was able to keep their composure, and I think that shows well for this weekend."

The Lions will tip-off their tournament at 1 p.m. Friday against the Algonquin Thunder, a team that went 16-1 this season -- Lambton finished with a record of 11-7.

Ross said they'll look to stick to their game plan.

"Every team we've played this year, when we've been successful, we've made it our game -- we play our pace, we are able to execute offensively the things we want to get done. Algonquin's a great squad, but I'm confident in the amount of work our girls have put in, their skill level and what they're capable of, and I can't wait for the matchup," she said. "Every single day, we take it day by day, you know, we try not to look too far ahead, that's what we've done this whole back half of the season and that's what made us successful I think so far. We look at each team as an individual and prepare for what they do differently, so hopefully, that in itself breeds success."

For more information on the 2020 OCAA Women's Basketball Championships at St. Clair College, click here.

The Lambton Lions men's basketball team also begins its provincial championship run Friday as host of the OCAA championship.

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