Joint Erosion of Jackson Road Bridge (Photo courtesy of City of Sarnia)
Joint Erosion of Jackson Road Bridge (Photo courtesy of City of Sarnia)

Major bridge rehabilitation project underway

The $700,000 rehabilitation of the Jackson Road Bridge, over Perch Creek [Cow Creek], is expected to be complete by the end of November.

The project, which includes work on Old Lakeshore, got underway earlier this month.

City Engineering General Manager David Jackson said it's the first major rehab project being done at the 47-year-old span.

"They're replacing the expansion joints, repairing concrete and asphalt, looking at some of the girders and decks and doing some minor repairs to that, and redoing the waterproofing, approach slabs and guard rails."

Jackson said they wanted to make repairs before the structure became a safety concern.

"We do by-annual inspections on all of the bridges, so that identifies where repairs need to be made," said Jackson. "So, this one came up through that process. It's a good time to do that work now before the core components of the bridge start to deteriorate."

Jackson said through traffic can utilize Telfer Road and Michigan Line as a detour during the project.

Local traffic accessing properties to the west of the bridge can enter Jackson Road from Telfer Road. Local traffic accessing properties to the east of the bridge can enter Bridgen Road from Michigan Line.

Facca Incorporated was awarded the tender to undertake the project back in June.

Jackson said Jackson Road Bridge was identified by the 2018 bridge inspections as in need of major rehabilitation.

Old Lakeshore over Cow Creek Bridge was identified as in need of rehabilitation through the 2020 OSIM Bridge Inspections.

The work was combined for cost efficiency.

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